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GlobalCapital is a leading news, opinion and data service for people and institutions using and working in the international capital markets. It provides you with clearly-voiced, lively coverage of key markets based on the comments of those who work in them, together with a wealth of transaction data and archive material. Whether you wish to pick up the pulse of your market, to research in detail an issuer, intermediary or asset class in a particular sector, or to check out how your institution is performing relative to its peers, our service is for you.

For nearly three decades, Asiamoney has been the voice of the banking and capital markets industries in Asia. During that time, our publication has been instrumental in covering the stunning developments in finance in the most exciting region in the world.

As Asia’s banks and the markets they operate in reach new levels of sophistication and maturity - often outstripping and overtaking more established financial markets globally — it is time for Asiamoney to follow suit by moving on to the next level.

To that end, we have made some fundamental changes to Asiamoney - how it covers Asia’s banks and its markets, and alongside that how Asiamoney is run. When it was launched in 1989, the aim of Asiamoney was to bring to Asia the kind of in-depth, authoritative and differentiated coverage that Euromoney brought to global finance.

In recent years, we have developed Euromoney’s worldwide coverage to focus on the banks and investment banks that are the principal players in global finance, as well as the people who run them. Our changes are designed to once again align Asiamoney closely to Euromoney, and bring the same standards of editorial quality and sought-after accreditation to the Asia-Pacific region.

Our commitment to you is that when we write about your country’s banking sector or capital markets, or when we analyse and report on key themes in the region, we will do so in greater depth and with better understanding than any of our competitors. When we nominate institutions for our banking awards, we will do so only after a thorough and transparent process. When we bring surveys to the market, we will ensure that they are timely and reach the correct respondents, generating rankings and data that are the benchmark for the industry in Asia.

In short, we commit to ensuring that Asiamoney remains the most authoritative voice for the banking industry in Asia-Pacific. Each issue of Asiamoney will contain in-depth reports on the banking sectors of up to six countries in the region, in conjunction with awards for the best banks in each of them; interviews with leading bank chief executives and chairmen, as well as heads of state, finance ministers and central bank governors; profiles of the region’s leading investment banks; and industry-defining benchmark surveys.

To achieve this, we hope to continue to build our strong relationships with the banks and investment banks that are driving Asia to higher and higher levels of achievement. We are hugely grateful for the time that you and your colleagues spend with the Asiamoney team, and with your help we are confident that we can deliver the publication you need.

GlobalCapital descens directly from Euroweek (“the voice of the markets”), which has been covering new issues in primary markets for 30 years. Joining the platform are also several key capital markets publications from the Euromoney Institutional Investor Group: Asiamoney, Total Securitization and Derivatives Week. GlobalCapital also sees the introduction of a brand new service on the internationalisation of the RMB.The combination of these elements on state-of-the-art new web technology provides a device-neutral, flexible global news and data service where relevant related articles and data are a click away.

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In 2017, Euromoney published interviews with almost 100 bank CEOs, central bank governors and ministers of finance

Euromoney was born with the wholesale international capital (euro-) markets, and for almost 50 years we’ve championed their evolution and the development of the institutions that serve them.

Finance is a people business as much as it is a numbers one and our intimate familiarity with the personalities, histories and characteristics of its players, firms and markets gives us the ability to see ahead.

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Our content is driven by our access to the leaders who are shaping the present and future of banking and the capital markets. They trust us to understand their complex institutions.

We speak constantly to bankchairmen and CEOs across the globe; top investment bankers from international and local champions; ministers of finance and central bank governors; banks’ leading clients; and to challengers and disrupters in the financial industry.

We speak constantly to bankchairmen and CEOs across the globe; top investment bankers from international and local champions; ministers of finance and central bank governors; banks’ leading clients; and to challengers and disrupters in the financial industry.

They choose Euromoney’s editorial to get their message across